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Companion planting is a great way to enhance your pepper plants, providing mutual benefits for one another, and creating harmony within your garden. Browse through our selection of pepper companion seeds!

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Pepper Joe's World's Hottest Peppers in a Seed Collection - seed label of hottest peppers

Grow Hotter with Pepper Joe's

Carolina Reapers, Ghost (Bhut Jolokia), Moruga Trinidad Scorpions, 7 Pot, Bhutlah and more! If you're looking to grow super hot peppers from seed, Pepper Joe's has a huge selection of the World's Hottest pepper seeds, plants, and more.

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Deep Roots, Fiery Future

Since 1989, Pepper Joe's has found, grown, and enjoyed super hot peppers from all over the world. We're on a mission to "grow hotter every day" while always ensuring quality seeds, consistently high germination rates, and 100% customer satisfaction.

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