Best fertilizer for hot peppers

How And When To Fertilize Your Pepper Plants

You may be reading this because you are looking to increase your pepper production, grow larger plants, and establish a healthy root system. I have some good news! You're in the right place!

Soil alone doesn't provide enough nutrients for your plants to reach optimum growth. That is why fertilizer can become your best friend during all stages of the growing process.

Want to know what type of fertilizer is best for pepper plants? In this blog post, we’ll aim to help you out by providing you with the best fertilizers to use when your plants are having issues or are just not meeting your standards.

You frequently recommend using Epsom salt on Hot Pepper plants. Why and how much should I use?

Epsom salt delivers an immediate shot-in-the-arm of magnesium to the plants and boosts growth when applied as a foliar spray. Mix 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt in an average size spray bottle...shake it vigorously and apply to plant every 2 weeks with a thorough soaking.

Spray on leaves and at the base of the plant for optimal results. Epsom salt is hydrated magnesium sulfate (about 10% magnesium and 13% sulfur). Magnesium improves your plants' uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur. A magnesium deficiency in your soil may be a primary reason you are finding your leaves turning yellow or brown.

If you are looking to increase the production of peppers and reduce blossom rot with your plants, Epsom salts are a fantastic start. Watch Pepper Joe talk about Epsom salt and the benefit of using it on pepper plants!

Calcium deficiency for blossom rot?

Sustainably harvested premium kelp extract delivers a powerful boost of essential vitamins and trace elements that condition and improve soil health. Kelp Blast is a special formulation of Norwegian Brown Kelp and safe to use on all indoor and outdoor plants.

Application Instructions: Dilute and mix Kelp Blast powder into the water with Soil Blast or Sweet Myco Tea until fully dissolved. Apply once a week or during nutrient feedings for the best results.

Pepper Plant Dropping Blossoms?

Pepper plants dropping buds is often stemmed from too much nitrogen in your soil. This is called "nitrogen burn." Often a sulfur-based fertilizer which is a 5-10-5, will do the trick. Pepper Joe’s Soil Blast Fertilizer is an option for recovering from blossom drop. Billions of Soil Microbes that increase the availability of all nutrients.

You should expect to see stronger plants with deep vibrant green color. It is one of the best fertilizers for your pepper plants and it works fast! One can expect to see changes in your pepper plants 48-72 hours after fertilization.

Application Instructions: Dilute and mix Soil Blast powder into the water thoroughly until fully dissolved. Apply once a week throughout the vegetative growth phase for the best results. Once the product is mixed with water, use within 24 hours

The plant is slowly wilting and the leaves are turning yellow?

This problem can be due to weak roots. Solve this problem by adding Pepper Joe’s Myco Blast fertilizer. Myco Blast gives your plants thick, fuzzy roots all while adding billions of beneficial Fungi and Bacteria along with soil microbes to your soil. Your plants will be thriving in no time!

Your plant could be wilting or yellowing in the leaves due to bad drainage as well. Make sure your plant doesn't sit in water. Plants need oxygen just like us humans do! Just use one time (after transplant, early in vegetative growth) to last the life of your plant.

Application Instructions: Dilute and mix Myco Blast powder into the water thoroughly until fully dissolved. Following dilution, evenly saturate the root zone of the plant. Once diluted, use within 24 hours. Apply once on seedlings, rooted clones, young plants, and after every transplant for best results.

Want to break down debris into usable soil?

Pepper Joe’s Sweet Myco Tea fertilizer is a unique molasses-based compost tea alternative breaks down debris into usable soil nutrients. Formerly called Sweet Myco Tea, the Supre Myco Tea is a no-mess, ready-to-use soil enhancer.

Application Instructions: Dilute and mix Super Myco Tea powder into the water thoroughly until fully dissolved. Apply once a week in between nutrient feedings for best results. Once mixed, use within 24 hours. Check out our video of our go-to fertilizers here at Pepper Joe's!

All of the fertilizers that were mentioned in this post can be found on our website. If you ever have any other questions regarding your peppers or fertilizers, do not hesitate to message us on Facebook, email, or leave us a message on our website.

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