Chile Tepin Pepper or Chili Hot Peppers Seeds or Birds Eye Chili


Shares a common gene with EVERY Pepper on the planet. My Chili Hot Pepper is actually related to all Peppers making the FIRST and ORIGINAL Chili in the world.

This is a really cool Hot Pepper and Plant and is easy to grow. It grows on a low, bushy plant in the Southwest U.S., in the wilds and also in South America, as it originated in Bolivia. The Chili Hot Pepper is only Pea sized also making it the tiniest Pepper in the world. This makes it ideal for drying and carrying in a matchbox or small container and using when you dine out. I love to slightly roast them in the Oven broiler after they are dried...and when they start to darken they have a nutty, roasted flavor. The Chili Tepin, or Tepin Pepper is the last pepper you'll find growing wild in the United States. BUY USA. BUY TEPIN.  

Heat Level: Scoville Heat Units:  50,000 - 150,000 SHUs.