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Chocolate Bhutlah Pepper Seeds


What's so unique about the Chocolate Bhutlah? 

No official tests have been run on the Scoville Heat Units of the pepper. The word in the super hot pepper community is that this could be the pepper to dethrone the Carolina Reaper. Plants and pod shape are similar to that of the ghost pepper, but the color of the chile stems from the Chocolate Douglah.

The Chocolate Bhutlah is a cross between the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) and the Douglah. That lineage creates this fabulous pepper which can actually have pods HOTTER than the Ghost Pepper. Although the Douglah has never officially been tested for Scoville Heat Units, most estimates are in the 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 range. This pepper has heat similar to the Carolina Reaper. Are you ready for the test...?

Species:Capsicum Chinense

Heat Level:1,500,000+ SHUs

Type: Super-hot 

Origin: Unknown

Days to Harvest: 90+ Days

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

100% germination from purchased seeds and free seeds from previous orders. Can't get better than that. Summer is going to be HOT!

Free seeds, 100% germination

Got these seeds as free seeds with an order. These pepper plants grew so much faster than i thought they would. Like most hot peppers these have mildly deformed leaves as it grows. I have noticed this with most of the ghost and scorpion pepper plants. These plants are beautiful and just want to grow. Had 100% germination. I don't have room for all 5 plants so i sent a few to friends. They are all extremely happy with these plants as well. Fyi these plants ship very well if they get to their destination in only a day or 2. Im not sure about longer time in the mail though.

David Soukup
Great Germination

My son and I started growing superhots ten years ago with the 7pot douglah being the hottest.

Long break and I’m growing again. I bought these based on the monsters the douglahs were.

Just getting started. I got 12 seeds from my order and all twelve have germinated. It’s been ten days since I planted them.

Way quicker than any of the superhots I had grown in the past.

All the seeds I’ve bought this year are doing extremely well. this has been a great experience and I will be ordering more.

I’m looking forward to doing the chocolate bhutlah challenge!

Josh H.
Good Producer

These can get to be a good size plant and put out a lot of peppers. Interestingly, during the first half the season they produced peppers that looked more like a chocolate reaper or scorpion with out the pronounced tail. Later in the season when it started getting cooler, they all produce peppers like the ones pictured.

Bob Dobbs
Great strain

This was my most productive strain in 2019, got 50+ pods from 3 plants. Strong trunks with a nice canopy, still have some ripening fruit in late October (growing zone 7). Did best in a 5-gallon grow bag. Peppers were a beautiful dark brown and almost of them shaped like their douglah parent, though 1 plant produced fruit that had that classic jolokia shape as shown in the pictures here. Nice earthy taste, a little sweet but not overly fruity, long ride on the heat train. Looking forward to some fermented sauce in another month or so. Highly recommended if you like them superhot.

Customer Reviews

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