Piquillo Pepper Seeds

A rare heirloom from Northern Spain, it is a tangy red pepper that provides a smoky, sweet flavor and lightly simmering heat. The Piquillo is nicknamed "little beak" in Spanish, but don't let the nickname fool you! Growing to 2 1/2 inches long, there are several ways to incorporate Piquillo Peppers. You can fry, roast, or leave it raw, but roasted Piquillo peppers offer sweetness and flavor to many meals. The peppers have a type of firmness that is perfect for stuffing them into your meals because they have that nice crunch. Harvest the Piquillo pepper when it is red. 

Species: Capsicum Annuum 

Heat Level: 500-1000 Scoville Heat Units  

Type: Hot 

Origin: Northern Spain 

Days to Harvest: 85 days. 

# of Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds