Orange Long-Tailed Scorpion Seeds

The Orange Long-Tailed Scorpion is a super hot pepper known by few and tried by fewer. Once cut open, it will fill any room with a citrusy aroma so deadly, you can feel the pain. These plants grow the most fluorescent pods we have ever seen. Even if you don't want to eat these peppers, the appearance alone will be fulfilling enough.

This was the first super hot pepper that Quinton from Pepper Joe's tried. The look of pain on his face was one we will not forget! I don't think he will either. When asked about the Orange Long-Tailed Scorpion, he had very few things to say, other than, "That was 10 times hotter than anything I have ever eaten!" 

Heat Level: 1.2 Million Scoville Heat Units

(Capsicum Chinense) 

10+ pepper seeds per pack.

Collections: Super Hot Pepper Seeds

Type: Superhot

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