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Check out fellow ChileHeads HOT pepper recipes, Pepper Joe's Original Recipes, or add your own soon-to-be-famous chili pepper recipe to the Club.

If you grow super hot chilis, you must love to eat them too!  Here are some recipes we've collected over the years. Don't forget to send us your recipes (with pictures too!).  We may share them on Facebook, post them here, or send them out in our email newsletter.

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Many customers have written asking me for various recipes. The suggestion has also been made that I write a cookbook. Since I don't have time for that, I decided to do the next best thing... my original recipe videos! You'll find them alongside our customers' fantastic recipes below - just look for recipes with the label "Pepper Joe's Original Recipe".

I believe that really good food is one of the great pleasures in life. A tasty, wholesome and nutritious meal is hard to beat. I've raised seven healthy children. My wife, Catharine, and I stay in great shape. I attribute all of this to eating well.

I fine tuned my cooking skills when I owned a restaurant from 1947 to 1965. I often brought in my own garden fresh vegetables. If there are two things I do well, it's cooking and gardening. I have friends that come to my home from Ohio, California and even Europe requesting their favorite meal. My seven children all have their favorites. Bon Appétit!

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