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 Big Fat Jalapeno Pepper:

This pepper is the perfect choice for stuffing! It can grow to about 4 ½ inches in length and can be sliced, diced, grilled or popped! Like its smaller varieties, it has thick, smooth skin and varies in heat. Raw or cooked it is perfect for salsas, salads, and dips. However, Pepper Joe's Giant Jalapeno is the stuffing king! 

Caldero Chili Pepper:

The Caldero chili plant grows into a beautiful and ornamental compact pant with glossy red chili that's ideal for indoor container or patio planting. Like our Fresno peppers, this fruit is perfect fresh in salsas and salads and is great for drying and pickling. Perfect addition to any kitchen, patio, or greenhouse! 

Chi Chein Pepper:

The Chi Chein pepper is a Chinese hot chili pepper, 70,000 SHU. The peppers grow to about 2 ½” and mature from green to orange to bright red. The compact and colorful plant is perfect for container, patio or sun room growing. Add this pepper to any recipe with a Chinese flavor influence. The Yatzy or Yatsufusa or Thai Sun peppers are others that shoot up for the sunlight and are perfect in your favorite Asian dishes.  

Pueblo Chili Pepper:

This “secret of the Southwest” is one of the thick, meaty classic green to red chili peppers found in many Mexican and Southwestern dishes! It originates from Southeastern Colorado on the farms of Pueblo’s Saint Charles Mesa, east of Pueblo. It grows to 5 – 6” in length and with a Scoville Heat rating between 5,000 and 20,000 units, it is perfect for roasting, slicing, chopping, freezing or drying!  From its namesake city website we quote: “Snagging a bag of roasted Pueblo chilies from your freezer is like getting a grab bag from a church festival – you don’t know what each Ziploc holds. Some chilies are mild and can be eaten with reckless abandon. Each bag always includes at least one “little devil” that has the capsaicin capacity to bring tears to your eyes. Such is the beauty of Pueblo Chile.” Grow our Chipolte Jalapeno for even more flavor!

Cowhorn Chili Pepper:

These long bright red chiles are named for their large curved cow horn shape. They grow to be about 6 – 8” long and have mild- medium heat, 2,500- 5,000 SVU. They have thick wrinkled skin and are excellent for drying, frying, pickling and making your own hot sauces! The Sweet Banana  and Italian Pepperoncini peppers are 2 of PepperJoe's favorites for slicing and pickling!

Fluorescent Purple Chili Pepper:

These purple ornamental pepper plants will add a splash of color and flavor to any garden, patio or sun room! The small fruit grows to be under 2” in length and matures from purple to red. The mild-moderate heat (5,00- 30,000 SVU) will allow pepper lovers to pop them in salads, sauces or right in their mouth. They are also good for drying and pickling. Our ornamental Filius Blue has a similar beauty and color, but our Bolivian Rainbow will add even more color!

Garden Bird Pepper:

The Garden Bird pepper is a small, hardy Thai pepper that only grows to about 1” in length. Like our, Tepin  pepper, this plant is a great plant for container or patio growing as it’s beautiful flowers and ornamental fruit add a splash of color to any space. The mild-medium heat fruit has the perfect flavor for Thai, Southeast Asian and African dishes. The fruit is also perfect for stringing and drying – like cranberries!  

Hinkelhatz Hot Peppers:

"Hinkelhatz" meaning "chicken heart" describes the size and shape of these  1-2 inch hot beauties. This prolific small bush like plant has been part of the Pennsylvania Dutch and Mennonite communities for over 150 years!  Legend has it they were "too hot" (125,000 SHU) to eat right off the plant so they were made into the Mennonite's signature pickles and pepper vinager. They sit with thRed Habaneros and Red Scotch Bonnet on the Scoville scale and have share a similar size and shape. The Mennonite's pickles and pepper vinegar sound great! 

Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper:

The Hungarian Hot Wax pepper is a Hungarian heirloom pepper and germinates into highly productive easy to grow plants. The fruit ranges in heat from low to medium heat as the pepper matures from yellow to orange to red (1,000 to 15,000 SHU). So heat lovers be patient and wait for the red!  The pepper grow from 4” – 6” and are great for slicing and pickling. If you like these, we think you'd like the Fresno and Jaluv Attitude peppers as well!

Indian Jwala Pepper:

The Indian Jwala Pepper, also known as the “Finger Hot Indian Pepper,” is the most popular hot pepper gown and eaten in India. The word “Jwala” means “Volcano” in Hindi and the long slender fruit packs in the heat with Scoville units ranging from 30,000 – 50,000 SHU. This large umbrella plant produces abundant beautiful white flowers that turn to a large crop of the long slender fruit. This plant does well in containers for patio or greenhouse growing. The peppers mature from light green to red and are perfect for cooking, dying, or grinding into powder.  Maules Red, aka "lady fingers," will give you a similar heat and unique shape. 

Italian Long Hot Peppers:

Aka "Italina Long Hots," in the Northeast United States. These long skinny peppers are a staple in many Itailian dishes and add a kick to sandwiches or sides. They are usually prepared when still green either fried or roasted with olive oil, garlic and salt. They are similar in heat and flavor to the Italian PepperociniThey are are also perfect for pickling and preserving!

Jalapeno Traveler Pepper:

This “traveler” strain of Jalapeno was selectively bred by the "seedsman," Larry Pierce and traveled with him to Oklahoma, Wyoming and finally to Missouri. The seeds grow into sturdy productive plants with peppers maturing from green to red and growing to 3” – 4” in length. The peppers can be hotter than most Jalapenos with SHU from 2,000 – 8,000. A classic, you can't go wrong with the Pepper Joe's Jalapeno, or grow even bigger with Pepper Joe's Giant Jalapeno. 

Matchbox Hot Peppers:

This super-hot (30,000-50,000 SHU) chili is the result of Roberta Baily at Fedco Seeds. Loving the Thai Super Chili,  she recreated it in this awesome pepper!  The Matchbox pepper is the hybrid of the Hungarian Hot Wax and the Hot Bananna peppers. Like many of our Exotic varieties, this ornamental plant is a prolific producer of  small (2 inch) vertically growing hot chili peppers. Perfect for container growing in a sun room or out on the patio.

Mulato Isleno Pepper:

This mildly hot pepper (1,000-1,5000 SHU) which is known as a poblano when fresh and ancho when dried is the perfect pepper for roasting, drying and grinding to bring out the classic flavors of the Southwest and old Mexico. It’s heart-like shape and dark chocolate brown color are a unique addition to your pepper collection. Ground it is perfect for meat rubs, moles, sauces. If the Mexican and Southwest flavors are what your looking for try our Ancho Poblano pepper, perfect for moles and sauces or heat it up with our Chocolate Habanero or Chocolate Fatalii. But if an abundance of rich chocolates, is what your looking for, prepare to splurge on our BOX of CHOCOLATES!


Naga Inferno Pepper:

This Indian chili earns it’s name at 1,000,000 SHUs!  It is a beautiful, high yielding plant that originates from the Ghost/Bhut Jolokia family. The peppers grow upwards in beautiful clusters that are perfect for container, patio or sun room growing. Similar in flavor and heat to many of our Superhots, but with Exotic twist!.  

Nagahari Pepper:

Per an article in Chile Pepper Magazine, some authors claim this pepper to “be the hottest pepper ever measured” and Indian scientists claim it measures, “855,000- 1,155000 SHU”.  Whether or not these claims are true, the Nagahari chili pepper is a VERY HOT pepper from the Bhut Jolokia family! The chili plant grows to be about 3 feet tall and the produces an ornamental, vertical growing green to red high yielding chili chop. Try some of these Nagahari cousins, the Black, King, Morich, Viper, and the hybrid Big Black Mama!

New Mexico Big Jim Pepper:

This chili variety out of New Mexico holds Guinness Book of World Record for the largest chili pod ever grown! The pods have been known to reach 1 foot in length! The plants grow easily and are hearty producers. The peppers have mild- medium heat and are great for stuffing, drying and slicing but they are most famously known to be the perfect pepper for Chile Relleno’s! If you looking for size and flavor the Pepper Joe Giant Jalapeno is a great choice but for Chili Relleno's we recommend the Ancho Poblano pepper, perfect for roasting and preparing.

Rooster Spur Pepper:

The Rooster Spur Pepper plant is a prolific exotic hot chili pepper plant. It is perfect for container growing on a patio or sun room. The 1 – 1 ½ " hot peppers grow in vertical clusters and ripen from brilliant green, to orange to red! This Mississippi native heirloom was traditionally used to make Rooster Pepper Sausage but it’s great flavor also makes it perfect died, flaked or ground and added to your favorite spicy dish. 

Pumpkin Habanero Pepper:

This habanero variety is named for its beautiful orange pumpkin look and color and not for its flavor. The pods have a sweet fruity flavor but are quite hot and may even exceed the average habanero! The plants are great producers and weather the cold well.  The pods ripen from green to orange. The pods are great for stuffing and slicing but also make colorful and flavorful salsas and sauces! If spicy-hot orange is to your liking, give our Peach Habanero  or Golden Habanero peppers a try!

Sante Fe Grande Hot Chili Pepper:

The Sante Fe Grande pepper, also known as the guero (yellow/fair) chili pepper, is a colorful, slightly sweet, moderately hot heirloom pepper, about 500-700 SHU. The fruit matures from green-yellow to yellow- orange and then to vibrant red. The fruits’ beautiful colors and size, about 2”, make it a perfect choice for fresh salsas and salads or to brighten up any spicy Southwestern dish!  Our Jalaro pepper is equally colorful with a mildly hot fruity flavor.

Sweet Red Datil:

This rare variant of the hot Habanero/Datil pepper originates from St. Augustine, FL. It shares the Datils' fruity flavor and has a mild heat.  The fruit matures from light green to orange and then into a bright red 2” x 1” wrinkled shiny pod. The peppers are great for salsa, sauces and condiments! Grow the Red Scotch Bonnet for color with HEAT or for an abundance colors and flavors we recommend our  Caribbean Blend of chilis and habaneros. 

Thai Hot Pepper:

Like our Thai Sun pepper, this super-hot (50,000 to 10,000 SHU) chili pepper originates from Thailand. This prolific plant is a perfect ornamental plant for your patio or container. The plants grow to be 12- 15” tall and produces an abundance of 1-2” bright red peppers. The super- hot fruit can last on the plant, is perfect fresh, dried or preserved in oil or vinegar.

Trinidad Congo Habanero Pepper:

This productive plant originating from Trinidad & Tobago produces large ribbed habanero peppers that grow to be about 2” x 2” inches. They are a beautiful shiny red with a sweet, smoky hot, fiery flavor. These habaneros match their size in heat with SHU from 150,000- 3000,000 SHU. The peppers are perfect for salsas and hot sauces! If your looking for habanero- heat check out our Chocolate Fatalii, Chocolate Habanero, and Red Savina peppers (all off  the top ten hottest pepper list!)

Yellow 7 Pot Hot Pepper:

The Yellow 7 Pot Pepper is one of the world's hottest peppers! The variety originates from Trinidad and legend has it that one of these peppers has enough heat and flavor to make “7 Pots” of stew! It’s related to the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper and has yellow, pimpled skin. We also have a Yellow 7 Pot Brain and a Yellow Butch T Trinidad Scorpion to grow if you like this one!  


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