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At Pepper Joe's, we like it hot. Super hot. So once again, we're dedicating the entire month to celebrating all the amazing mouth-melting super hot peppers out there.

Each week in September, we'll be offering up super hot deals by releasing new spicy snack and super hot seed bundles and awarding 2 big prizes in our Grow New Heat Contest. Best of all, anyone can enter the contest for free throughout September 2022. Check out Week 1 below for details on how to enter.

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September 1st - 30th

Grow New Heat

Free to Enter

complete carolina reaper grow kit with seedscarolina reaper snack bundle giveaway price

Head over to our pinned Facebook page post and tag a friend(s) in the comments that has never grown hot peppers but you think should start. You can nominate as many people as you want in a single comment. We'll randomly select 1 new grower nominee to receive a Complete Reaper Grow Kit and whoever tagged them gets a free No Regret's Reaper Snack Bundle. Winners announced October 3rd,  2022 via Facebook.

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September 6th – 11th

Find Your Level

New Seed & Snack Bundles

Whether you're new to the super hot pepper scene or a frequent fire-breather, there are 3 pepper varieties you should get to know well: Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia), Scorpion Pepper, & Reaper Pepper. Check out these deals:


September 12th – 18th

Know Hotter 

New Seed Bundles & Sales

Sure, the Carolina Reaper is officially the World’s Hotter Pepper according to Guinness Book of World Records. But there are a number of other heavy hitting peppers flying under the radar. Grow hotter with these seed deals:

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September 19th – 25th

Go Beyond Ordinary

New Seed Bundles & Spice Sales

Red is the most common super hot pepper color, but there are so many more to experience. Take a deep dive into rare Chocolate, Peach, and Yellow peppers with these exclusive super hot seed and spice deals:

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September 26th – 30th

Reaper What You Sow

New Snack Bundles & Sales

It would be a shame to celebrate Super Hot September without spotlighting the Carolina Reaper. These wicked hot deals allow you to experience the Reaper in all sorts of different ways. Check 'em out:

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How will the Winner be Announced? 

On October 3rd we'll announce the winner of the free Reaper Grow Kit and the winner of the No Regret's Reaper Snack Bundle. We'll announce them on Facebook, so make sure you've liked the Pepper Joe's page.


Our office is closed on Labor Day (9/5), we will not be shipping orders or be available to answer calls and emails that day. We will ship orders and answer questions the next day (9/6).

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