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All of my Organic Seeds are clearly labeled with:

Organic Ladybug
"Don't Panic, Buy Organic!!"  


Why Organic?

This was the way Mother Nature intended plants to grow. Healthy, wholesome and nutritious. Chemical fertilizers deplete the soil of valuable minerals and nutrients and leave nothing in return.

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Popeye got strong from his spinach, right? Well, sort of. 25 years ago a bowl of spinach from the supermarket supplied 200 milligrams of iron. Today, sadly, a bowl has only 15 milligrams.

Pepper Joe's Produce and Seeds

Our peppers and tomatoes are loaded with important vitamins and minerals. That's why they're bright and vibrant, growing on robust plants virtually pest-free. We encourage ladybugs and praying mantis to thrive, keeping pesty bugs at a minimum. We refuse to use synthetic insecticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemicals.

The Secret Is In the Soil!

I'm very proud of my rich, loamy, well aerated soil. I mulch with leaves and grass clippings. I use fish heads, cow manure, bonemeal, lime and seaweed to condition the soil. That's why there's thousands of healthy earthworms further helping the soil by leaving their fertile castings behind.

Don't Get Buggy

In addition to ladybugs and praying mantis, encourage birds and bats. You may want to put up a birdbath near your garden and a bat house. They will help keep garden pests at a minimum. The ladybug alone consumes several times it's weight daily in aphids and other bugs. Gather praying mantis egg clusters during winter in shrubs, hedges and bushes and move into the garden area. These garden friends are environmentally friendly.

So Bottom Line...Organic Seeds or not?

I've surveyed my customers and found that about 25% are Organic Gardeners, insisting on Organic peppers. I think that number may be growing (excuse the pun). The demand for Organic Vegetable seeds is on the rise. Here's the deal...say you order an Organic Cayenne Pepper Seed like our Charleston Pepper, or our Organic Habanero Seeds, Organic Jalapeno seeds.  The price is no higher than our regular seeds. So you can't go WRONG...but recent testing proves that an organic pepper has more nutrition and more nutrients than a chemically gown pepper. Typically you pay more for Organic, I just don't build it into our prices to encourage more organic seeds to be purchased.

So my vote is GO for Organic Seeds and the Organic Pepper. Look for the ....

Organic Ladybug
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"Organic Seeds Rock"