Aji Gold Plants - 2 Live Plants

Looking for a pepper with great upfront heat and an extremely refreshing flavor? The Aji Gold not only brings these things to the table but also yields a bountiful harvest! The Aji Gold, also known as the Aji Golden, produces (on average) 50-100 pods per plant and can grow up to 4 feet tall!  Just watch out as the plants can get vine-like, so be prepared to stake them. Most of the "Aji" varieties hail from Peru, some come from Ecuador and Chile. Luckily for us, they managed to make their way out of Central America and into our gardens around the world! Goes great with salads, soups, and with many Spanish dishes!

Species: Capsicum Baccatum

Heat Level: 30,000-50,000 

Type: Hot

Origin: Brazil

Length: 4-6 Inches Tall

US Customers ONLY: We cannot ship live plants to Texas and New Jersey due to the Department of Agriculture forbidding invasive species to come into their state by mail.


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