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Super Hot Seeds

BTR Butch T Reaper Scorpion Seeds

BTR Butch T Reaper Scorpion Seeds

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This is an amazing variety created by Butch Taylor himself! The two-parent plants are a Trinidad Scorpion Butch T and a Carolina Reaper. One is a previous world record holder, and the other is the current world record holder! This pepper has an appearance similar to a Moruga Scorpion, but with a much thinner outer wall. The final mature color of the pepper is almost a dark orange/red color. The flavor is very floral and citrus upfront, with a burn like nothing we have ever tasted before! The heat is screamingly hot and packs a punch that will BEAT YOU UP, but if you love that kind of heat, then we can only say to grow it. It grows great in warm climates, as well as cooler climates seasonally. It matures from green to orange/red. They grow from seed to harvest in about 165 days. On our heat scale, we give them an 11 out of 10, but we haven't had them "officially" tested yet.

Germination Rate: 70%

Species: Capsicum Chinense

Heat Level: 1,500,000+ SHUs  

Type: SuperHot

Origin: USA 

Days to Harvest: 165+ Days

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Michael Savage
Hot Hot Hot

Will be ordering more these plants are beautiful.

Kenyon Z.
Update - still strong!

Have a beautiful plant that is really taking off! Picked my first ripe one today! Excited to try it!

Kenyon Z.
Great so far!!!!

Have 3 of 4 germinated after only 14 days! Excellent seeds! Can't wait for the peppers to be ready!

BTR reaper scorpion seeds

Ordered the BTR seeds a few weeks ago. Started all ten seeds and noticed this morning I have ten out of ten sprouts. Can’t wait to get peppers from each plant. Thank you pepper Joe’s.


Germination was poor, 2/10, both plants produced pods. They are truly "super hot", also quite productive if you can get them to germinate. Good luck figuring out what to do with them they are so hot!