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Super Hot Seeds

Caramel Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Seeds

Caramel Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Seeds

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Gigantically hot, this natural variant of the Trinidad Scorpion Moruga starts out green and takes forever to ripen to caramel.  But man, is it worth it.  Gorgeous.  The heat, flavor, and aroma is similar to the Trinidad Scorpion Moruga (former world record holder at ~ 1.2 Million SHU) but you'll be the only one on the block with Caramel hotties.  The Caramel Trinidad Scorpion Moruga pepper plant is fairly prolific and can grow to 4 feet tall.  

The Trinidad Moruga Caramel has a sweeter, fruity taste before the blistering heat kicks you in the throat. This is a super-hot pepper you must try!

Germination Rate: Estimated 95-100%

Fun Fact: The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Caramel was declared the hottest chili pepper in the world in 2012.

Species: Capsicum Chinense

Heat Level: 1,200,000+ SHUs  

Type: SuperHot

Origin: Trinidad and Tobago 

Days to Harvest: 90+ Days

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John Smith

This thing looks like a hemorrhoid

Delivered fast

Got them packed well and fast delivery.

Donald Murphy
Too early

Don't know we live in zone 6 will probably start them in February or March looking forward to it

Anthony Garafolo

Year two of our growing hot peppers was a jackpot. These germinated very quickly with use of a propagator, and were honestly the hottest pepper we had (foolishly) eaten. Also the first ones to ripen between the chocolate morugas, bhuts and the death spirals.

Yajhaira Carrillo
Underrated website😍😍

Honestly, I was having donuts that my order was gonna make it to my place; but not only did it come sooner than it said. it came with goodies, which I love and will gladly accept I am very happy with my purchase and will continuously buy from this website.