Chocolate Reaper Plants - 2 Live Plants

Pre-order your Live Chocolate Carolina Reaper Plants today! 

This chocolate descendant of the Carolina Reaper is our newest addition to the Reaper family! Heat and shape are similar to the original Carolina Reaper. The main difference is the color and flavor! Chocolate Carolina Reapers go well with chicken, pork, and beef dishes!  

Heat Level: 1,500,000+ Scoville Heat Units

If you're unsure about your seed-starting skills and/or want to avoid the hassle of starting seeds, buying a small live hot pepper plant is a quick and easy way to grow your very own fresh Chocolate Carolina Reapers!


Important Info: Due to freezing temperatures, we anticipate shipping out our first batch of plants April 8th, and will alert you with an email and a tracking number so you can welcome your live plants home. Planting instructions will come in an email prior to receiving your seedlings. If you have any questions feel free to email us or give us a call!


US Customers ONLY.  We are prohibited to send live Chocolate Carolina Reaper Plants to (Texas and New Jersey) 

Looking for the seeds instead?  Click HERE.  

Collections: Live Hot Pepper Plants

Type: Unknown Type

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