Purple Ghost Plants - 2 Live Plants

This is a very rare pepper and a must have to grow in your garden! It is a variant from the Bhut Jolokia, also known as the Ghost Chile or Ghost Pepper. The Purple Ghost plant will grow over 2.5 tall and its pods will mature from a dull purple to deep purple, and then to red at ripened stage.  You could grow the traditional red pepper in your garden, but why not add more color and variety? You will also see dark green leaves and white flowers as the Purple Bhut Jolokia continues to grow. The peppers are about 1 inch with a wrinkly, elongated shape. The flavor will be intensely hot with a sweet flavor, so make sure to have milk or ice cream nearby!

Species: Capsicum Chinense  

Heat Level: 800,000-1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units  

Type: Super Hot  

Origin: India  

Length: 4-6 Inches Tall 

US Customers ONLY: We are prohibited to send live Purple Ghost Plants to (Texas and New Jersey)



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