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Moruga Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Seeds

Moruga Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Seeds

Plant size: 3 ft. Pod size: 2" Origin: Trinidad & Tobago Species: Chinense SHU: 1,550,000-2,000,000
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It was recorded as the Hottest on the Planet on 2/6/12.

The Moruga Trinidad Scorpion chili is described by one grower as having a fruity/cotton candy type aroma. Don’t let that fool you, this pepper is dangerously hot! Some detect a hint of cinnamon from the fresh pepper pods.

This awesome Chile was tested at NMSU and Paul Bosland, director of the Chile Pepper Institute oversaw the process. Senior research specialist Danise Coon went through 4 pairs of latex gloves when handling. She says "The Capsaicin kept penetrating the latex and getting on our hands....that has never happened before".

The Moruga is a great value because you can use one or two a week to heat up all of your meals. It also makes delicious Hot Sauces and can be used as a garden pest repellent....or to strip your garage floor.

Species: Capsicum Chinense

Heat Level: 1,550,000 – 2,000,000 SHUs  

Type: SuperHot

Origin: Trinidad and Tobago 

Days to Harvest: 150+ Days

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
james floyd
Excellent seeds

Pepper seeds are notoriously hard to germinate, but with pepper joes I had no issue at all. All my seeds started sprouting within a few weeks and are now thriving like crazy.

Robert Stone
Moruga Scorpions. So far so good.

Planted seeds on 12/18 in peat pods on a heat mat with a grow light. 9 out of 12 seeds germinated. All having between 4-6 leaves. Ready now to transplant into 4" biodegradable pots.

Judith Wolfe
Grew it, but won’t dare…

I have a plant I overwintered in a 3-gal pot indoors and set outside again in Spring. Made dozens of pods - that I sent to my Marine son who loves anything “killer-hot”. Me - I know my limits! ;D I didn’t handle the fruits at all, even with gloves (coward, yes)… hemostats and scissors to hold and snip off the stems, and drop fruits onto paper-towel lined plate, to cure a couple days before mailing them to my son. Gonna try overwintering ‘Little Horror’ again this Winter - see if it’ll do another growing-season. Pretty plant! Like a July Christmas Tree!

James Fletcher
Just planted them

I'd love to give you my thoughts, but I just got them into starter pots. Give me a month or two and ask again!

James from Tampa
Moruga Trinidad Scorpion seeds

I am totally satisfied with every purchase from pepper joes. I’ve had great success (100%) with seed germination. The scorpion plant that I kept for myself produced 50+ pods, really beautiful plants.