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Orange Long-Tailed Scorpion Seeds (Non-Isolated)

Orange Long-Tailed Scorpion Seeds (Non-Isolated)

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The Orange Long-Tailed Scorpion is a super hot pepper known by few and tried by few. Once cut open, it will fill any room with a citrusy aroma so deadly, you can feel the pain. These plants grow the most fluorescent pods we have ever seen. Even if you don't want to eat these peppers, the appearance alone will be fulfilling enough.

This was the first super hot pepper that Quinton from Pepper Joe's tried. The look of pain on his face was one we will not forget! I don't think he will either. When asked about the Orange Long-Tailed Scorpion, he had very few things to say, other than, "That was 10 times hotter than anything I have ever eaten!"

This variety is created by Butch Taylor, and the Orange Long-Tailed Scorpion pepper plant will produce many orange-colored pods that are wrinkly and gnarly with pointed scorpion tails…enough to scare someone away! Don’t miss out on growing this rare pepper!

Species: Capsicum Chinense

Heat Level: 1,200,000+ SHUs

Type: Super-hot

Origin: Unknown

Days to Harvest: 90+ Days

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Seeds aren’t true

Got the orange long tail scorpion seeds, none of the plants are even close to advertised and none of the peppers are hot. I mean ZERO heat, pickled jalapeños are hotter this. Pretty disappointed I wasted the growing season on these.

monty hulcy

About 90% of the seeds are growing!

Shawn Curry
Pepper is good, Joes is Great

I got these seeds as a freebie last year. Only 1/5 made it from germination to the veggie garden. The plant grew into a nice “tree shape” and was heavy with bright yellow pods. I’d rate the heat at about a 7. I’d actually only give this one 4 stars. I gave it 5 cause my overall experience with Joe’s earn the extra star. Every plant I’ve grown from Joe’s seeds has been great.

Sebastian B.
0 day germination :)

AMAZING!!! I got a pre-germinated seed in with it. Pretty amazing.

Leonardo Barreto
Great germination!

All of my seeds sprouted in less than 10 days.