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Spicy Mustard Habanero Seeds


TASTE AS GOOD AS IT SOUNDS!!! Every so often we stumble on a pepper that is very special. This unique pepper is Mustard Yellow and what a blast it is to grow this beautiful gem. Although it’s on the lower end of the heat level, the Spicy Habanero Mustard hot pepper is rated a '10' on the Pepper Joe Heat Scale because of their straight-up burn when you take a bite. The Spicy Mustard Habanero pepper plant grows fairly prolific for a Habanero, and it will look stunning in your garden with its beautiful colors. Get your hands on this very rare Habanero variety.

The wrinkled pods will grow to 1.5 inches long and will ripen from light green, purple, mustard-orange, and then finally an orange color. The flavors will taste tangy, fruity, and sweet, similar to a Habanero. This spicy Habanero Mustard chili makes excellent Habanero sauce, salsas, and relishes.  

Species:Capsicum Chinense

Heat Level: 150,000 – 325,000 SHUs 

Type: Mild

Origin: We think it was either Pennsylvania, USA or the Caribbean 

Days to Harvest: 100+ Days

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds

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Customer Reviews

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Jordan Ordonez
Good Germination

These seeds sprouted after about 5 days with a heat mat set to 90 degrees. I got 90% germination with the 10 seeds I received. I ordered these with 3 other types of pepper seeds and I was sent free trinidad scorpion scorpion seeds!

Doug Bruce
High yield. Large peppers.

These came free along with Scorpion seeds with my Reaper and Bolivian Rainbow order. That in itself deserves 5 stars. Nearly 100% germination. You want production and size? Look no further. The heat is there along with that strong Habanero flavor I love. Dried for flakes on anything, hot sauce on its own or added to other peppers for enhanced flavor. Its awesome. My first ripe pepper was sliced up and put on a burger which made my summer. I highly recommend this variety and PepperJoes.

Krishneel Nair
Chillie for the Medium Heaters

Seeds started to sprout in less than 10 days. Organic grass compost adds lots of leaves which promotes photosynthesis. However adding fertilizers rich in potassium, slightly increases the number of pods and the heat in each pod. Technically speaking, the heat could be exceeding 350,000 SHU's when properly nourished.

Suitable for salads, soups and curries. Not at all mild in taste, bit tangy but spicy, suitable for moderate to high heat daily consumption.

Shane Smith
Poor germination

Out of 98 pots with 18 varieties these were the only ones with zero germination. Looked forward to trying them too.

Nelson Collier
Was extremely excited for these, but...

None germinated. All my other hot peppers germinated, even my reapers and ghost peppers, and they’re difficult. Planted 1/4” deep, kept soil moist, not dry, wet, damp, or soggy. Sent a support email in about a week ago. No response. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be.

Customer Reviews

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