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Thai Sun Pepper Seeds

Thai Sun Pepper Seeds

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Looking for a Thai pepper plant perfect for apartments and small gardens? Well, look no further, because the Thai Sun pepper plant is the one for you! These miniature plants grow nice fiery Thai peppers that are perfect to pick straight off the branches and use directly in your cooking!

These Thai pepper plants grow anywhere between 1-2 ft. tall and 1-1/2 ft. wide and grow well in containers, hanging pots, and small gardens. One of these plants can produce literally hundreds of these tiny fireballs, ripening early and continuously producing pods all season long!

The Thai Sun pepper may look like a little devil, but they pack a big wallop! Heat levels range from 50,000-100,000 SHUs, with a nice fruity flavor to follow up the heat. Use these peppers as spicy additions to stir-fries, woks, and other roasted meals. You can also use these peppers dried, pickled, or eaten fresh if you can handle fiery heat!

  • Species: Capsicum Annuum
  • Heat Level: 50,000–100,000 SHUs
  • Type: Hot
  • Flavor: Fruity, Spicy
  • Origin: USA
  • Pod Size: 1"
  • Plant Height: 1-2 ft.
  • Days to Harvest: 80+ Days

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  • Heat Level:
  • Plant size: 1-2 ft.
  • Pod size: 1"
  • Origin: USA
  • Species: Annuum
  • SHU: 50,000-100,000

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Awesome flavor

These are great. Easy to germinate, easy to grow, even in pots on a windowsill. I moved mine outside for the summer and they're flourishing. The flavour is fresh and fruity with a nice blast of heat that sneaks up on you. Fantastic.

Great producer

I decided to try and keep one of these guys alive through the winter, and it is flourishing. A week after the shortest day of the year in southern Wisconsin, it has 13 now flowers and lots of new growth. No supplemental lights either.

John Jocke
Abundant harvest of little dynamos

Beautiful and decorative peppers with a continual harvest of deliciously hot peppers for use fresh or dried. I've harvested hundreds of peppers from each plant during a single growing season.