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The Ultimate 4th of July Grill Gift Set

For those who love to grill and are seeking explosive flavors to prepare meals with, this gift set will hit that burning spot!  Pepper Joe’s has you covered with a gift pack that includes two of the spiciest bottles of ketchup you’ll ever taste in your life, an apron made for the stylish hot pepper lover, and vibrant pepper seeds.

What’s Included:

Habanero Ketchup

Who doesn’t love Habanero Pepper? It’s so versatile which is why we just had to make ketchup with it. Behold, our Habanero Ketchup! Made with only the best, all-natural ingredients, we know this ketchup will quickly become your new go-to at home. Just the right amount of heat to feel the burn, but still packed full of that amazing ketchup flavor we all know and love.

Ghost Ketchup

If you’re like us, the world-famous Ghost Pepper is near the top of your favorite super-hot peppers list. Now we have yet another way to make the amazingly delicious Ghost Pepper part of your daily culinary routine – Ketchup! Our Ghost Ketchup is made from all-natural ingredients and brings BIG heat and even BIGGER flavor.

Pepper Joe's "My Grill is Hotter Than Yours" Apron

Made for the stylish person who fits the description of the hot pepper lover! Take pride in your passion for hot peppers by wearing this apron when you grill outside (or even inside). Now you'll have the perfect attire to wear when you prepare the hottest meals in the world with recipes like hot sauces, appetizers, chilis, and more! 

Firecracker Chili Seeds

Want to add some color and a little sizzle to your garden? Unashamedly colorful and vibrant, the Firecracker Chili is the perfect pepper to show off to everybody and your palate will find this pepper out of the world! These small peppers will pack a punch at 45,000 Scoville Heat Units. We're not kidding, grow this real riot of color.

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