Why Gardening is the Perfect Quarantine Activity

Why Gardening is the Perfect Quarantine Activity

With chaotic times like this, gardening can become therapeutic. While you are grocery shopping for the basic necessities, make sure to add one more thing to your list: seeds!

Working remotely and being quarantined for several weeks can be a challenge because you may be looking for activities to pass time. Why not invest in gardening as a new hobby during the coronavirus outbreak? You can work up a sweat, add more greenery to your home, learn a few lessons along the way, and use it to reduce stress.

Gardening at home can be a great opportunity to productively pass time, while also growing many varieties of food that you can incorporate in your meals! If you have kids, you can even keep them entertained with indoor gardening, and potentially give them a few science lessons. Check out some of the benefits of gardening, and maybe you can turn your backyard into a getaway!

It can get you moving

backyard garden can be used as yardwork exercise

With gyms closed, why not take it outdoors? Some jobs require a bit of moving and a little bit of sweat. If you think about it, mowing the lawn and raking the leaves are great yardwork workouts, so take that same approach to gardening! What is even better is while you are getting some calories burned outside, you even get some much-needed vitamin D.

If you do not have a backyard or enough outdoor space, you can also create an indoor garden or a balcony garden. Some ideas are growing an herb garden and a vegetable garden. They are easy to grow, and you will have a blast taking a few herbs and juicy vegetables to add in your meals.

It can keep kids entertained

growing pepper, grown as pepper plant

With many schools and daycares closed, a home garden can be a way to keep them occupied. It’s a great learning experience for children, and they may walk away with a couple of tips they can give to their teachers when schools open again. It can bring your family closer, and you’ll be reminded of the food you grow together when you place your delicious, homemade meals on the dinner table.

It is therapeutic

As dire as the world looks right now, gardening can be beneficial for your mental health. Getting your hands dirty can release some worries and anxiety that you may be carrying around and working on your hobby or activity can get you out of that headspace. You may be skeptical at first and think, just how can it be fun digging up the dirt and moving plants around? When you get your first pods and taste them for the first time, trust us, you will understand why it is fun.

As we mentioned above, getting your hands dirty in the soil can reduce stress. If you need more convincing, read 10 Mental Health Benefits of Gardening from Psychology Today.

You’ll have an abundance of food for months!

tomato plant, cilantro, and onion plant

What will be the outcome of growing a garden? You’ll have many varieties of food in many quantities, such as onions, cilantro, jalapenos, sweet bell peppers, and more! Why rush to the grocery store when you can have these in stock right in your very own backyard. Just another reason to make your garden your getaway.

Although you can grow food in your garden, don’t feel that your options are limited. If you would like to grow a flower garden or add flowers to your growing list, you should plant those as well. The more greenery, the better.

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How do I get started?

While we specialize in the HOTTEST pepper seeds, we carry other varieties that are not just super-hot peppers! We have a wide variety of tomato and heirloom tomato seeds, delicious white and red onions, cilantro, and basil, many versatile jalapeno seeds, and the sweetest peppers that won’t let you down.

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