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Choose hybrid pepper seeds based on their improved flavor, earlier maturity, disease resistance, and more!

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Experience the benefits of improved or completely new pepper varieties by growing hybrid pepper seeds! Hybrid peppers are created by successfully cross-pollinating two or more strains to come up with a new variety. Growers create these variations with specific goals in mind - whether it be for plant size, color, flavor, or to grow the newest hybrid hot pepper!

Keep in mind, these varieties may still be unstable (especially common in super hot varieties) so the peppers these seeds produce may vary slightly from the image/description in terms of size, shape, or color. 

Browse through our selection of hybrid seeds today! Pick up favorites like the Hot Sunset F1 for earlier maturity, or Felicity Hybrid Pepper for a heatless Jalapeno strain. The options are endless, so don't miss out on this wonderful growing opportunity!

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pink tiger x peach bhut hybrid hot peppers