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Celebrating 30 Years!

Pepper Joe's Mission is Big News

Los Angeles Daily News

"America's Best"

"Pepper Joe knows what's hot"

Arizona Daily Star

"It's like an addiction"

"Pepper Joe fills mail order requests for hot pepper seeds across the country"

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"Suddenly hot peppers are cool"

"They don't call him Pepper Joe For Nothing"

We are the Experts in Hot Pepper Seeds

Since 1989, Pepper Joe's has found, grown, and enjoyed super hot peppers from all over the world. You can trust our seeds to germinate and be true to form (within Mother Nature's own sense of variety and humor). We are here to help you with videos, FAQs, and a lively community of pepper gardeners.

We are humbled by our customers positive comments over the years, from our 100,000+ followers on Facebook, 500,000+ views on YouTube, and Dave's Garden which gave us a top 30 ranking year after year.

Our History

Over 25 years ago, the original Pepper Joe and Pepper Joe Sr. started the business with a passion for hot peppers. Joe Sr. ran the day to day operations the first 10 years. His customer service was legendary. He's cooking spicy food for the "Big Guy in the Sky" now. RIP Pepper Joe Sr... 1920 to 2009.

Pepper Joe Jr. took over the business with new chile varieties, ways to market Pepper Joe's and a sense of humor. His YouTube videos have better advice for pepper growers than you will find anywhere. Pepper Joe Jr. made friends in the Chile world, and brought you the first Carolina Reaper seeds, still our top seller. Pepper Joe grew the business with a careful team of growers to protect our seed variety and quality.

Me and Dad in 1989 when I founded Pepper Joe's. He loved to wear his shirt 'Ask me about Pepper Joe's'. My Shirt and hair?? Hey it was the 80's man....that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

Me chomping down a few Jalapeno's. Fast forward 21 years.

Letters From Customers

"Pepper Joe, you are one of our heroes." - D. & L. R. Zelienople, PA

"Greetings from southern California. Thanks for the speedy order." - A.E. Corona, CA

"My peppers are great! I've been enjoying the Barneys. They are just hot enough!" - F.G. Boca Raton, FL

"Thank you very much for completing my order on trust. It doesn't happen too often these days. Much appreciated," - S.C. Baltimore, MD

"Do you have seeds for Peter Peppers? They look like what Loretta Bobbit amputated!" - L.D. Rockville,MD

"You really do have the best pepper selection I have ever seen." - D.P.Montgomery, AL

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