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Discover the perfect blend of flavor and heat with our medium hot pepper seeds.

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Collection: Medium Hot Pepper Seeds

Go beyond mild heat with our medium hot pepper seeds! All of our medium heat peppers range anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 Scoville Heat Units for a spicy heat but without any of the long-term implications to follow. Enjoy the wide variety of flavors that are perfect for making relatively tame powders, flakes, and flavorful additions to hot sauce.

Find some of your favorite medium peppers to grow such as the Tabasco, Serrano, and Cayenne pepper seeds. We also carry a wonderful selection of rare and exotic pepper seeds with medium heat like the Aji, Manzano, and Fish peppers.

Take it up a notch by growing our Hot Pepper Seeds and Very Hot Pepper Seeds! We carry these and a wide variety of options in our ever-expanding collection of Pepper Seeds.

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