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Take yourself out of the realm of purely sweet with our mild pepper seeds!

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If you enjoy having your peppers mild, then look no further! Our selection of mild chili peppers takes it one step beyond our sweet pepper seeds and delivers sensational flavors and mellow surges of heat on your tongue that won't burn you (think of it as a reminder of what peppers are capable of). Growing mild pepper plants can be easy to do and can provide you with great yields of mild hot peppers!

Explore our varieties and pick up some well-known mild chili peppers like the Jalapeno, Banana, and Pepperoncini. You'll also find some unique varieties like the Cow Horn and Brazilian Starfish that are sure to shake up your garden landscape with beautiful and delectable mild peppers. All of our mild pepper seeds range from 1 to 10,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Shop by heat level when you browse through our collection of pepper seeds today. Enjoy other mild products like our delicious Mild Snacks & Spices!

Mild Pepper Seeds