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A kitchen cabinet can never have too many spices! Our spicy powders consist of popular and unique pepper varieties that you can use instantly without the wait of growing and dehydrating hot peppers. From 100,000 SHUs to 2,200,000 SHUs, we have chili powders suited for all heat levels. Whether you want something to tingle your tongue or leave your eyes in tears, we got you covered with our selection of hot pepper powders.

To create these chili powders, we harvested the peppers at their freshest and ripest and crumbled them into sensational fiery dust. Use the powders when you’re feeling adventurous with your cooking, take them for road trips to get your heat fixed, or surprise a loved one who lives for the heat!

If you’re looking to level up your cooking game even more, check out our hot pepper flakes, dried pods, mash purees, spices bundles, and more.

Spicy Pepper Powders