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Prefer your peppers sweet and with no heat? Check out our selection of Sweet Pepper Seeds below!

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Our sweet pepper seeds are perfect for anyone looking to escape the fiery grasp of hot or even super hot peppers. Sweet peppers have no heat (0 SHUs) and are filled with sweet, fruity, and zesty flavors. No need for latex gloves or milk - you can bite into these peppers free of any harm! 

Enjoy growing delectable sweet peppers in your garden like the Bell, Marconi, and Jimmy Nardello pepper. We also offer a unique range of sweet pepper seeds to grow extra large Bell peppers, exotic sweet Japanese seeds, rare heatless Habanero seeds, or any of your favorite heirlooms like our California Wonder seeds.

Want your peppers sweet but with a tinge of heat? Try for Mild or Medium Hot Pepper Seeds instead! Or shop for our Sweet Pepper Plants instead and skip over growing peppers from seed!

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