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Start growing your own Jalapeno seeds today and enjoy the bold and spicy flavors of these hot peppers!

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Get some of the best Jalapeno seeds around with our selection of Jalapeno pepper seeds! Jalapenos are one of the most versatile hot peppers out there, used for roasting, stuffing, frying, eating fresh...the list goes on! Their mild heat and wonderful flavor keeps people coming back to them as a go-to pepper variety for meals, salsas, hot sauces, and more.

Explore our extensive range of Jalapeno pepper seeds like the classic Jalapeno, as well as other unique and hybrid varieties like the Purple Jalapeno and the Jedi F1. Be sure to pick up a packet of hot Jalapeno pepper seeds today and add a bold kick to your culinary creations with our Jalapeno Snacks & Spices!

Browse through our selection of Pepper Seeds like our Medium Hot seeds as well as our Rare & Exotic pepper seeds!

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