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Challenge your taste buds with amazing flavor and building heat with our favorite hot chili peppers!

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Hot pepper seeds are where the heat starts to get really serious. When you take a bite out of these hot chili peppers, the sweat starts to set in and the burn will last a bit longer than mild peppers or even medium hot varieties. If you're looking to enjoy delectable flavors while building up your heat tolerance, then hot chili peppers may be the choice for you!

Enjoy growing tried and true hot peppers like the HabaneroScotch Bonnet, and Thai pepper, as well as hidden gems like the Fatalii and Bahamian Goat. All peppers in our hot pepper seeds category have heat levels anywhere from 50,000 up to 300,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Want to crank up the heat? Try growing our Very Hot Pepper Seeds and Super Hot Pepper Seeds today! Or shop for our Hot Pepper Plants instead for a faster growing season.

Hot Pepper Seeds