live pepper plants in shipping box from pepper joe's

How Pepper Joe's Ships Healthy Live Pepper Plants to Your Doorstep

Worried about ordering live pepper plants online? You're not alone. Shipping a live plant through the mail seems like something that shouldn't work. Fears of receiving dead, damaged, or severely wilted plants are certainly understandable.

But, through rigorous research, testing, and evaluation Pepper Joe's has developed a proven process for successfully shipping healthy live pepper plant seedlings to doorsteps across America. 

Whether you're having trouble growing pepper plants from seed, or just don't want to deal with all the equipment, care, and patience needed for seed germination – Pepper Joe's has you covered with a variety of 4-6 Inch pepper seedlings available for online ordering.

Here are the 5 main reasons you can feel confident in buying live pepper plants from Pepper Joe's.


1. We Ship Plants Fast – 5 Days a Week

Just like all our pepper products, we ship live plants fast – Monday through Friday. This ensures that plants get from our greenhouse into your hands quickly and healthily. In most cases, plants will spend only a couple days in their boxes before getting to you.

huge sea of green pepper plant seedlings growing


2. We Ensure Plants Have the Necessary Moisture They Need

Just before shipping live plant orders, our team of pepper experts carefully hand wraps the roots of each seedling (which are grown in a rock wool material) with a moist paper towel. Then a piece of clear plastic is put around the towel to encapsulate the roots with the moisture supply and prevent any leaking. 

live pepper plants unboxed after shipping


3. We Created Custom Plant Shipping Boxes

Next, each seedling is placed in a biodegradable peat pot that fits perfectly in our custom plant shipping boxes. The pots and tabs in the box ensure a stable hold on the plants to help minimize shaking and shifting during its journey to you. These custom boxes work well for both 2-Pack orders and 4-Pack orders of plants. 

live pepper seedlings in custom shipping box


4. We Provide Detailed Instructions on How to Successfully Harden & Transplant

Once the plants arrive, we're still committed to ensuring you have the information you need to properly handle, transplant, and harden off your new pepper plants. Instructions are printed directly on the inside of the box. The same instructions are also found on a card insert that you can remove from the box for later reference.

transplanting young pepper seedling into container


5. We Stand By Our Live Plants with a Satisfaction Guarantee 

At the end of the day, everything we do and offer for sale is focused around giving you the best possible product and making it easy for you to experience and enjoy all the unique benefits that hot peppers have to offer. If for any reason your live plants arrive dead or in poor condition, please get ahold of our dedicated team within 48 hours of receiving your plants. Whether it's giving you specific tips for saving the plants, or sending out replacement plants – we'll work to make it right.

planting pepper plants outdoors


Don't Just Take Our Word..

Still unsure about ordering pepper plants by mail? See what our customers have to say in the review sections on our live plant pages. We look forward to serving you with the same excellent service so you can experience a healthy and happy pepper growing season!

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