Frozen Peppers In A Bag

3 Easy Steps To Properly Freeze Hot Peppers

It’s late in the growing season, and you have a surplus of hot peppers that need saving. The easiest way to save hot peppers is to freeze them whole!

Freezing chilies is the best way to preserve the integrity and flavor of your chilies. This works for any type of pepper, from sweet bell peppers to the hottest peppers in the world. If you are looking to enjoy your harvest all year round, follow these 3 easy steps below!

Freezing Hot Peppers

Step 1: Wash Your Hot Peppers.

This is important to remove all the bacteria on the peppers. Just because something is grown in your garden, does not mean it should get a free pass. ALWAYS wash your produce off.
  1. So, pull out that colander and get some warm water running!
  2. Make sure to carefully wash each curve and crevice as those hard to reach spots can house the most bacteria!
  3. Once all chilies are clean, pat them dry. This is just as important as washing the chilies! Make sure there is no moisture left on the peppers to help keep them nice and crisp through the freezing process.

Step 2: Preparing Your Peppers According To Your Meals.

It is best to freeze the peppers in the form you plan on consuming them. For example, if you plan on doing stuffed peppers, halve them before freezing them. If you plan on using smaller pieces, chop the peppers into smaller pieces!

Step 3: Place Peppers In Ziploc Bags.

Make sure you get high-quality Ziploc bags that won’t let air in. Don’t cheap out on the easiest step… because this could be the difference between a crisp tasty pepper or a soggy freezer burnt, tasteless vegetable. Place peppers in the Ziploc or freezer bag. Then, let all the air out of the bag and seal uptight! Place the bag in the freezer… and you’re done!

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