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You’re new to growing hot peppers, or you may be looking for tips for better germination or how to transplant your healthy seedlings into nourished hot pepper plants. From juicy, sweet peppers to the hottest peppers that may bring tears to your eyes, all peppers are full of nutrition and there's nothing more satisfying than growing your own food yourself. Whatever you need tips and advice on, we can help you have a successful growing experience from seed to harvest. 

Grow with Joe – the Ultimate Guide for Growing Hot Peppers

We learned that there is a process on how to grow hot peppers.  To explain the process better for you to grow a pepper, no matter if they are growing from seed or seedling, we created an easy-to-follow guide that you can follow.  This is why we created Grow with Joe so you can get that seed to a beautiful, strong pepper plant with delicious peppers.

Read our guide below:

For frequently asked questions on general gardening tips, we included a FAQ page that you can view the most common questions that people and maybe you have asked!

If you're looking for a quick read on how to plant and grow peppers, read our general gardening tips and thoughts.

I am Having Trouble Germinating and Growing My Peppers

Successfully growing different types of peppers take time and patience, and it all starts with germination.  Luckily, you can grow peppers indoors, and it can be done in 5 easy steps.


Other questions we get a lot are about growing hot peppers in pots, or what is the best fertilizer for hot peppers.  To answer all of your burning questions, we included 6 simple steps on how to harden off and transplant peppers

Another common problem every grower gets is dealing with pests.  They can eat your pepper plants and even your pods, and there are particular insects like pepper weevils and pepper hornworms that can do a lot of damage.  We have a solution to dealing with those pests on your chili plants:

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What Seeds Do you Offer?

We offer a ton of varieties, and each pepper seed is flavorful and unique.  Take a look at all of our pepper seeds and build your growing list. We carry different varieties of the Carolina Reaper Seeds, Ghost Pepper Seeds, and Habanero Pepper Seeds, which are some of our bestsellers.  But that’s not all, we also sell a crazy amount of super-hot pepper seeds and exotic and novelty pepper seeds! Just be prepared for some fire-melting, scorching peppers that may just burn your tongue!

If you’re looking to add more than just peppers to your garden, we also sell a variety of tomatoes and other seeds such as cilantro, onions, and basil.  We also have new seeds that we add throughout the year so if you sign up for our emails, you’ll always be updated on the newest seed additions and latest updates! 

Final Thoughts on Growing Hot Peppers

Hot pepper growing can be a process, but the reward will be worth it.  You’ll have plenty of different varieties of peppers to try, and plenty of meals that you can prepare to impress your friends and family (or yourself, we’re not judging!).  We’ve been through it, and we enjoy helping the most amazing community: the hot pepper community.  If you have any questions, make sure to send us an email or connect with us on social media.  

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