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Mild Seeds

Black Hungarian Pepper Seeds

Black Hungarian Pepper Seeds

Plant size: 3 ft. Pod size: 3-4" Origin: Hungary Species: Annuum SHU: 2,500-10,000
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The Black Hungarian pepper plant is a beautifully bold and sweet conical pepper to grow in your garden or backyard. This is a mildly hot pepper with 2,500 SHUs, similar to a jalapeno’s spice, and can be used as both an ornamental pepper and culinary pepper.

The pepper is similar in shape and size to the Jalapeno, but the Hungarian pepper is much more interesting to grow and plate. The skin is dark-hued that turns into a rich jewel red color as it ages, and it’s a very rare, unforgettable, gorgeous color that you won’t see in a lot of peppers. The Hungarian Black chili is fun to plate aesthetically because as you slice the pepper open, you’ll discover green flesh and thick green walls in the interior. 

When harvested into a jewel red color, it’ll deliver a tasty sweetness that you will never get over and can potentially reach 10,000 SHUs.  The Hungarian pepper is great for roasting, cooking, and stuffing!

Species: Capsicum Annuum 

Heat Level: 2,500 SHUs 

Type: Mild

Flavor: Sweet

Origin: Hungary

Pod Size: 3-4"

Plant Height: 3 ft.

Days to Harvest: 70+ Days 

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Black Hungarian Pepper Seeds