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Bubblegum Pepper Seeds

Bubblegum Pepper Seeds

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This hot pepper creation has the same pinkish/red color as the 1 cent Bubblegum like back in the day, and its scent is similar too! The 7 Pot Bubblegum pepper, or 7 Pod Bubblegum pepper, just may be the coolest pepper in the 7 Pot lineage. It’s also known as a Bleeding Bubblegum or BBG7, and it looks like the color is bleeding into the stem. This is because the thick over-sized calyx turns red “bleeding” when the peppers are left on the plants for too long. The Bubblegum chile is still being bred out for stability...but no matter what shape your pod has, it's bound to be a fun pepper. Surprises can be a blast.  

This is a cross between a red Moruga Scorpion and Trinidad Yellow 7 Pot.

Species: Capsicum Chinense

Heat Level: 800,000 - 1,000,000 SHUs  

Type: Super Hot

Origin: United Kingdom

Days to Harvest: 90+ Days

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Chad M
Quick to Germinate

Received these as freebies. After 8 days I already have some sprouting. Was incredibly surprised at that! Looking forward to see how the rest of the ones I planted do. I’ll still be excited if only one germinates. Can’t complain with that considering they were free seeds.

Ferocious heat, fantastic taste. Will satisfy the most fervent pepperhead.

I almost did not plant these because a) they were freebies with my order and b) the name 'bubblegum' did not instill any expectations of a superhot pepper. Germination rate was high, but took about 3 weeks. In total it was about 6 months from seed to harvest here in zone 10b South Florida. The bushes have stout stems,good lateral growth and deep green healty leaves. I did do the recommended topping, ample fertilizing and added Epsom salts and calcium. I also did a foliar spray of organic fertlizer every couple weeks.

Fruit is deep crimson, crinkled and shows occasional scorpion-like tails. Today I picked a single pod to try. Slicing into it released an intense pungent aroma that had to be the harbinger of intense heat. I cautiously put a quarter-size piece into a pot of dhal, that normally would have 2-3 complete store-bought habaneros with the intent of adding more if needed. If anything I should have put a dime-sized piece only!

This is probably the hottest pepper I have ever had. And I was raised in Trinidad within walking distance from a habanero plantation. The heat is totally searingly hot and carries a most wonderful pungent yetc omplex and fragrant taste that is quite addicting. I will certainly grow these next season, unless I can coax the plants into being perennials. I have four bushes of these that will soon reap dozens of pods. I have no idea how I can eat my way through these, but I intend to have fun trying.
Highly, highly, highly recommended!!

Fun to Grow, Great to Eat

Amazing germination rates, even though it took a while to sprout. Once established, these really take off. And once they start setting peppers, they don't stop. Grown with success in some fairly intense hot weather. Awesome flavor and really cool looking pepper. Water often and watch out for flea beetles!

Can’t Wait!

Planted these 6/6 on my balcony and I had seedlings in 11 days.

Can’t wait to see how quickly they grow. Will transplant to large pots ASAP. Great addition to my other Pepper Joe peppers!

Paul Waterstrat
Pure Heat

This pepper does not disappoint. Bought a packet and the seeds germinated perfectly. Once transplanted to the garden, the plant flourished with an abundance of peppers. Used the bubblegum pepper in many homemade hot sauces. Those sauces are truly the hottest ones I have ever made with a great flavor. Nothing but rave reviews from people who have tried the sauces. I highly recommend these peppers if you are a lover of heat!