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Chocolate Cherry Tomato Seeds

Chocolate Cherry Tomato Seeds

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This novelty tomato is Mmm Mmm delicious. Close your eyes and pop this in your mouth, better than chocolate and it won't go straight to your hips. Rated #1 Cherry Tomato and after you try them you'll know why.

This is an indeterminate tomato variety.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
dennis devlin
Reviews of Seeds

They were seeds…., can’t really review them at this time- send message in several months and I can review them in a more realistic way. Now I can only say they are seeds.

Nigel Dawson
I don’t even like tomatoes but I love these!

Every year we try to grow something a little different and these are what we chose last year. They are now a must have in our garden. I don’t really like tomatoes unless they are cooked or hidden in a burger but these little chocolate cherry tomatoes are so sweet and delicious even I love them. They are so easy to grow and once they start producing ours kept on going all the way through fall until we hard a hard frost. Another thing we noticed was the birds did not seem interested in them like the red ones, so you don’t end up losing a bunch because they have been pecked at.

I say do your taste buds a favor and get some!

The Best Tasting Cherry Tomato

These seeds are amazing. Every seed I use in my hydroponic system germinates. The plants are very healthy as well. I am greatfull to pepper Joe's for offering these seeds. Highly recommend this seeds.

Steven Lemmo

Chocolate Cherry Tomato Seeds

russell makar
Just a bland tasting tomato

They are a very bland tasting tomato, I myself would not grow them again.