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Chocolate Habanero Seeds


Unique and versatile, the Chocolate Habanero pepper will soon become one of your preferred hot peppers. Also known as the Brown Congo, Chocolate Congo pepper, Black Habanero, or Habanero Chocolate pepper, it is both exotic and an exciting chile to grow. So much flavor and sweetness backed in these little chocolate fruits, no wonder why this is one of the pepper varieties that EVERYBODY wants! This is great to make BBQ sauces, salsas, and marinades!

They will ripen from green to a rich dark brown, chocolatey color, and the pods will grow about 3 inches long. You will notice a sweet, rich, smoky flavor when you take a bite.

Species:Capsicum Chinense

Heat Level: 300,000 – 450,000 SHUs 

Type: Medium 

Origin: USA 

Days to Harvest: 110+ Days

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
100 Percent!

All seeds germinated and are nearly ready for transplant. Excellent!

Alex C
Excellent germination

Similar to most seeds I get from Pepper Joes, these had a great germination rate. Planted 3 seeds. All 3 sprouted within a week. Soaked in wet paper towel for 2 days in a warm location before planting . (Sitting in a ziplock bag on top of my LED desk lamp) Did not use heater mat but the room these were kept in is usually around 75-80 degrees.

Ezaul Hernandez
No Germination Super disappointed 😭

I ordered 3 packets of habaneros a chocolate habanero, red savina habanero, and a golden habanero. All golden habaneros sprouted and all red savina except like 1 seed. But I got no germination out of the chocolate habaneros which are my favorite by the way making it even more disappointing. I waited like 2 weeks more after all my other peppers sprouted but none grew. I had them over a regulated heat mat and nothing happened but the others did sprout. 😭 I was really hoping for even 2 or 3 sprouts but not even that. I will update my review if I get a replacement to give it another shot. These seeds are not cheap especially for only 10 or 12 seeds. 😤

Mark b
No germination!

Out of the 7 different hot pepper seeds I planted this variety is the only one with zero germination. Planted two different rounds of chocolate habanero seeds and nothing to show! Also never received a free packet of seeds but that’s besides the point.

Fuad Babayev
Zero germination

Ordered Habanero and Chocolate Habaneros 2 months ago, also received some free seeds (orange long tail, 7 pot chaguana). Progress 2 month later: habanero 75% success, chocolate habanero - 0%, orange long tail Scorpion - 0%, 7 pot - 10%. I have no problem with free seeds not germinating, but what hurts me is that chocolate habanero that showed no signs of life. Used zip lock method. All the seeds that I was germinating with the ones above sprouted perfectly with 100% germination rate (hot cherry, Bird's eye, Kashmir and 3 other varieties I don't know exactly what are they).

Customer Reviews

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