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Coyote Zan White Chili Pepper Seeds

Coyote Zan White Chili Pepper Seeds

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Looking to grow an extremely productive yet compact pepper plant with super tasty medium-hot pods? Coyote Zan White is the answer. This unique and prolific variety will blow you away with its incredible fruity and floral flavor and nice warming heat. Pods start out light green then go creamy white to ultra white. They somewhat resemble a white fang tooth. Not sure if that’s how it got its name but we do know it came from Brazil and tastes awesome. Try this one out and see what kitchen creations you can make with it.


Species: Capsicum Chinense

Type: Hot

Origin: Brazil

Scoville Heat Units: 60,000 - 100,000 SHUs

Flavor: Fruity, floral

Pod Size: 1-1.5 inches

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Seeds


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fast start

We have a winner ladies and gents, this seed was the first of any peppers this year to sprout at a record of 7 days. Unfortunately, that is where it's rabbit behavior kind of fell off. We're growing and doing our pepper thing but it's stayed pretty middle of the pack in terms of growth and hardiness. Excited to see what is coming from this plant, probably best if you plant in a dry and hot climate vs the pacific northwest since even my greenhouse doesn't seem to be good enough to get this one really moving. Slow and steady right now, will report back when I have fruit ripening.

Jana Cain
So far so good!

What I sowed has germinated and is now transplanted to my garden bed. So far so good!

James Savalle Jim
Great Project

All of my seeds have germinated. Plants are from 2.5 to 3.00 inches tall.
Waiting for the weather to get warmer.