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Genghis Khan Brain Pepper Seeds


The Genghis Khan Brain pepper has been grown and developed by the AIASP in Italy. Though the Genghis Khan Brain has been around for a few years, not many are familiar with it. Heat is similar to other Brain Strain Peppers. The scent is close to other red varieties but the heat cuts through your tongue. Not much of a throat grabbing heat, but this oily menace doesn't play any games.

The Genghis Khan Brain chili has a pimply rough-looking outer skin that ripens from green to red. When it ripens, you’ll notice delicious fruity tones and this pepper supposedly rivals the heat of any other super-hot pepper.  What a reputation!  The Genghis Khan Brian pepper plant grows over 4 feet tall. 

Species:Capsicum Chinense

Heat Level:1,500,000+ SHUs

Type: Super-hot

Origin: Italy

Days to Harvest: 90+ Days

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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Customer Reviews

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Free Seeds are the Best Seeds!

I ordered a few seed packs (Aji Amarillo, Purple Cayenne, etc...) and received a small package of these seeds for free. As this was my first order from Pepper Joe’s I didn’t expect to get free seeds (I also received Chocolate Bhutlah seeds for free as well). The free seeds are now the ones I’m most excited to grow. Of these free seeds 4 of 5 germinated, (they took about 10-14 days). Can’t wait to see how hot these really are. And yes, I will be ordering from Pepper Joe’s again, mostly because of these free seeds. Thank you Pepper Joe’s!

great germinators

Received these for free in with my bacon reaper jerky (which is awesome) 4 of 5 started growing within 3 days. Very awesome more impressed with these than the red savina's which are awesome growers too.

Didn’t grow

I tried 3 times with the seeds I had over a 2 month period with different soil combinations in each. No seeds sprouted. Now it’s too late in the growing season to re-order and try again.

Free seeds, gonna buy more next year.

So i got these seeds as some free seeds when I ordered other seeds. I was surprised to see free seeds as this was my first order from pepper joes. (Yupp im a noob at the craft of pepper growing). To my surprise ALL the free seeds germinated, and now i have 5 BEAUTIFUL and healthy pepper plants. I am going to be giving a few to friends, but im keeping 2 of these plants. They are growing faster than my butch T scorpion, and my reaper plants. No pods or flowers yet, they just got planted in the garden a few days ago. I am looking forward to these peppers. I have never heard of them prior to getting them from here. Thank you pepper joe

Adam D.
Great blazing heat, easy to grow!

I bought these because they have a great name, look super cool, and I've never grown a super-hot. All but 1 seed germinated - much quicker and with more success than the golden habs, and from sprout to seedling to full-grown these are very hearty, leafy plants. The plants are now easily over 3 feet high and covered with peppers and flowers. I don't 'top' my peppers since the season is so short here in PA, but some of the plants branched quite low and some grew up to the typical Y shape of many pepper plants. I have 9 plans in the garden, and it might be more than I can handle!
The description above is quite accurate - these are tongue-heat peppers and they smell like habs when you bite in or cut 'em open. There's a great fruitiness to them before the heat numbs the tongue.
I don't personally have a baseline to compare them to other brain strains, but I've read a couple reviews that say they are hotter than the Carolina Reaper. I've never bitten into one of those so I can't say that, but holy moly are these hot!

Customer Reviews

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