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Great White Tomato Seed

You may think it’s strange to have a tomato turn white, but you will be missing out if you don’t grow these sweet, juicy, delicious tomatoes! These White Beefsteak tomatoes grow to be large pods with thick, meaty texture with smooth skin, and they can weigh to 2 pounds!  They will ripen to white-yellow skin, and are actually known to be the largest and tastiest of the white tomato varieties.  The Great White Beefsteak Tomato’s flavor is citrus-y with tones of apple, pineapple, melon, and guava, with low acid.  They maintain good texture and flavor, and you will love this tomato for its color and taste!

This Great White Tomato plant is a productive plant that grows to 3-5 feet tall, but it is important that you support the plant due to the weight (1-2 pounds) of the pods.  Other than that, the plant is not fragile, and they mature earlier than other white tomatoes.  One of the positives of this plant is they grow to be quite leafy which the dense foliage protects the skin from getting sun scorched.  This great white heirloom tomato is great for sandwiches, salads, and a yummy tomato sauce.  Try making a white sauce with this!

Fun fact: it is likely to be dated back to the 1860s and known to be an old American heirloom.

Species: Solanum Lycopersicum

Heat Level: 0 Scoville heat units  

Type: Sweet 

Origin: United States

Days to Harvest: 85+ Days 

# of Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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