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Jalapeno Sweet Pepper Seeds

Jalapeno Sweet Pepper Seeds

Plant size: 2 ft. Pod size: 2-3" Origin: USA Species: Annuum SHU: 0-1,000
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If you can tell from its name, the Jalapeño Sweet pepper is not your ordinary Jalapeño! This is a sweeter pepper for those who love the flavor of jalapeños but do not want all the heat. Yes, you read it right, this pepper is sweeter with less heat with a heat level around 0-1,000 SHUs, but still has the enjoyable zesty flavor. This is finally a flavorful Jalapeño that the no-heat crowd can enjoy!

The sweet Jalapeño pepper will grow to 2 to 3 inches long into the typical sausage shape that you typically see in jalapeños. The pepper will ripen from green to red and develops thick walls which is perfect for stuffed peppers! If you like a lot of flavor in your food, we recommend harvesting them when they turn red so you can get the best kick out of them. The prolific Sweet Jalapeño pepper plant grows to about 24 inches tall and will require to be supported as it bears heavy.  Try eating these raw, cooked, roasted, or pickled, and to make salsas, stuffed peppers, and add as toppings for pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and more!

Species: Capsicum Annuum  

Heat Level: 0 – 1,000 SHUs

Type: Mild

Origin: America

Days to Harvest: 60+ Days

# of Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Chris sanders

Grew so fast and easy

David Thornton
Pepper seeds

Pepper Joe’s has great service. I’ve bought from them many times. Can;t vouch for these seeds yet … it’ll be late summer before I can tell what I got.

Too early

It's only February, so it's a little early to give an honest opinion. Ask me in may or june. They did show up in a timely fashion though.

Curtis Preston
jalapeno Sweet Pepper Seeds

None of the seeds sprouted.

Hello, hot peppers can be tricky to germinate. Here is the process we follow and see 95% success rate across the board. Keep in mind they can take up to 6 weeks to germinate. Let us know what other questions you may have, we are happy to help!