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Marconi Giant Pepper Seeds

Marconi Giant Pepper Seeds

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You will not be disappointed growing the Marconi Giant pepper because it’s an incredible versatile pepper that was awarded the All-American Selections recognition in 2001 for its adaptability, earliness, yield, and impressive flavors! To give you a short summary, this pepper is a sure winner in the garden and the kitchen.

As an improved Italian variety, it’s one of the biggest Italian-type sweet peppers (as it hints in the name) and grows to 8 inches long. The Marconi Giant has a long body with a slight lobed end, but no one can forget about their flavors. It has sweet flavors and a hint of smokiness and the Giant Marconi peppers are great in all kinds of cooked dishes. We recommend grilling or roasting them because their flavors will enhance. Ripening from green to a bold red, the Marconi Giant pepper plant will keep producing peppers until frost if you continue to keep harvesting them. Try eating them raw, grilled, roasted, fried, or in salads and salsas.

The plants grow to 2.5 feet tall and are resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus and Potato Y virus.  This means the plants will be able to live longer for an improved yield. That’s music to our ears!

Species: Capsicum Annuum  

Heat Level: 0 SHUs

Type: Mild

Origin: America

Days to Harvest: 70+ Days

# of Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds

We sell other delicious Marconi type peppers, and we recommend looking into the Marconi Italian Red, Marconi Golden, and Mama Mia Rosso.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
shawn m slyfield
Love Giant Marconi peppers!

Will be planting them in the spring!..I love that they do not have any heat to them..a nice juicy pepper! They give you the pepper taste with out the heat!

Rebecca Puckett
I would love to give feedback, but I haven't planted yet

I am looking SO forward to planting the Giant Marconi seeds in my garden in the 2023 season. They look amazing and I hope they taste just as nice. I'm also hoping to avoid BER on my peppers. I seem to have a problem with that on my bells.

GREAT flavor…healthy plant

This pepper is so good it didn’t even make into the house!! My daughter and I each picked our first Giant Marconi pepper ..They were a dark, smooth green..We both had never tasted them..We took one bite off the end and that was it!! We kept munching on the way inside and all that was left was the short stem and a few seeds on it. VERY good flavor..NO tough skin..I will definitely grow this EVERY year from now on..I ate it fresh could be..straight from my plant into me! Yuuuuumm. Yuuuum. I am growing these in the Skagit Valley of Washington state where we are plagued with early and late blight and this weren’t affected at all.. I have them up high so our huge banana slugs couldn’t get them either.. LOVE this new all time favorite!

Pamela Webster
Hot 🥵 stuff

Plants are in the garden and growing well. Buds have started and can’t wait for the first pepper 🌶


Grew these last year, and can't to grow them again!
Got a few nice plants ready for setting out this week.
These were absolute monsters, and more delicious than you can imagine.
Only trouble I had was when a couple windstorms came through and damaged the top-heavy plants...I'm thinking about using some tomato cages this year.