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Mighty Plant BudCharge Plant Food - 5 oz.

Mighty Plant BudCharge Plant Food - 5 oz.

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BUDCHARGE 0-50-32 + Micronutrients from Mighty Plant is a nutrient dense PK* plant food with micronutrients with a measure of Arginine amino acid, a precursor to Polyamines. Polyamines are able to influence and regulate the plant to produce buds, flowers and fruit. 

Bloom stage is when your garden needs more PK* and a lot of it quickly to support gargantuan buds. The Arginine Amino Acid in BudCharge™ triggers bud development and promotes high trichome density and large heavy buds rich in aromatic terpenes and resins. Polyamines are important messengers involved in almost all physiological and biochemical processes, growth & development, and adaptation of plants to stress.

PK* (P) Phosphorous (K) Potassium

Limitless Application

The benefits of BudCharge™ can be applied to all plants, during the late bloom stage to provide thriving results.


  • 100% Organic 
  • Easy to Use
  • No Fillers
  • Water Soluble


Use the table below as a guide to determine the rate based on PPM for your unique grow.

Teaspoons Grams PPM
1/4 0.9 150
1/2 1.8 225
3/4 2.7 300
1 3.7 350
2 5.4 600
3 11.1 850

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