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Pepper Joe's Thai Blend Pepper Seeds

Pepper Joe's Thai Blend Pepper Seeds

Origin: Thailand Species: Annuum SHU: 50,000-100,000
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We went to the source! In early January 2020 one of Pepper Joe's team members spent 2 weeks in Thailand. He made it his mission to source some of the most popular Thai Peppers at local street markets in Phuket, Thailand. 

Grown from the seeds of peppers picked by Thailand locals. This is a blend of the Prik Lueng Pepper, orange in color and commonly used in Thailand for pickling or added to a Thai salad for a POP of color to the dish.

The other is the Prik Kaleang Pepper, the spiciest chili used in Thai cuisine and comes in a variety of colors but usually ripens red, from pale yellow-green to fluorescent red-orange.

Chef Polsuk a famous Chef in Thailand says, "“You won’t taste it at first, but after a few bites, you’ll feel it.”

Species: Capsicum Annuum    

Heat Level: 50,000-100,000 SHUs 

Type: Medium 

Origin: Phuket, Thailand 

Days to Harvest: 90+ Days 

# of Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds  

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Interested in learning more about these Thai Blend peppers? Read how Pepper Joe's got their hands on the rarest Thai Peppers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jason Baker
Fast shipping

Haven’t planted the seeds yet as it is t time but made the order and received them quickly! Plus a little extra they threw in! Always cool

So far so good.

I purchased a 10 pack of the Thai Blend, which came with 12. I did straight to soil in seedling trays with a heat mat (85 degree), dome and led lights. The first seeds germinated at around day 10, and by Day 20, all seeds had germinated. Now its up to me to get em grown, but the seeds germinated above expectations.

James Mason
Count on it.

Late start this year for my Thai Blend, Scotch Bonnet and Big Sun Habanero seedlings. Prepared my starter soil and put under grow lights. 100% germinated and are doing well.

Mike Allsbrook
Review correction

After discussion with the folks here I realized that I was likely the culprit of not proper germination procedure. Thanks for the help. This is why I changed my stars. Will be reordering in future.

Hello, hot peppers can be tricky to germinate. Here is the process we follow and see 95% success rate across the board. Keep in mind they can take up to 6 weeks to germinate. Let us know what other questions you may have, we are happy to help!

Roger Furrer
Thai Bled Pepper seeds

Planted a month ago. Still have not germinated.