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Purple UFO Pepper Seeds

Purple UFO Pepper Seeds

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It came from outer spaaaace! The Purple UFO is a unique ornamental pepper variety with an amazing taste and extraterrestrial shape when grown to full maturity. The origin of this pepper is still "unidentified," adding to its continued mystique.

These Purple UFO pepper seeds grow into slender plants that can reach over 4 feet tall - much taller when planted directly into the ground. With dark black leaves and incredibly strong branches, these plants are extremely prolific and produce 2" long fruits shaped just like mini-UFOs! Watch as these strange peppers ripen from their signature purple to a dark red at maturity. Pods are very smooth and crunchy when you take a bite out of them.

The taste of Purple UFO peppers is out-of-this-world! The flavors will be slightly different at each ripening stage - it may be sweet and fruity, or tangy and juicy! You can expect the heat to come on hot and fast, but fade away just as quickly. Purple UFOs are great for pickling, adding to hot sauce, salsa, and used fresh in salads. You can also cook these peppers down or dry them to make a very nice pepper powder.

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  • Heat Level:
  • Plant Size: 4 ft.
  • Pod Size: 2 in.
  • Days to Harvest: 100 - 109 days
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Species: Annuum
  • SHU: 30,000-45,000

Growing Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Hank R.
Purple UFO Peppers... nice

Great product. I recieved the seeds in the winter, germinated them indoors and everyone sprouted. I planted1/4 of the seedlings in 5gal buckets and they took right off. However, I planted the remaining seedlings in a raised bed with a couple banana trees (using the dried banana leaves for potassium rich mulch) and these things have grown incredibly fast and hardily. Great product, haven't gotten any edible peppers yet, but as far as ease of germination and maintenance go-- these guys are great. They're also extremelyl heat and drought tolerant. My other peppers may start wilting, but not the UFOS, they're tough. very satisfied.

Getting Started

So, you've received your seeds and are wondering what's next? At Pepper Joe's, we're committed to equipping you with everything you need to succeed in germinating the pepper seeds you've chosen. Our mission is to introduce you to a diverse array of pepper varieties, setting the stage for an exciting and rewarding gardening experience. Let's dive into the essentials together.

  • What You'll Need

    Soil and Tray Method

    Seed Starting Supplies 
  • Plant your Seeds

    1. Pre-saturate your seed starting soil mix. Ensure the seed starting mix is fully saturated prior to planting your seed.
    2. Make a ¼-inch hole in the center of each seed starting cell. A #2 pencil eraser is a great tool for making these holes.
    3. Place your seed and cover gently with soil.
      You can plant up to 4 seeds per cell to help ensure successful germination.
  • 4. Place your heat mat under  your base tray and your humidity dome on top. For best results, set your temperature controller between 75 - 80 degrees.

    5. Place your plant light above the seed starting tray and turn on. Refer to the plant light manufacturers instructions for the optimal distance. Plant light should remain on for 14 to 16 hours per day.

    6. Enjoy watching them grow! See our full instruction page below for more information.

    Starting Peppers from Seed