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5 Tools Every Pepper Grower Needs

Pepper growers use a variety of different tools depending on when and how they grow their pepper seeds or seedlings. Of course, everyone needs the essentials when growing peppers in their gardens - seeds, soil, water, and light. But there are different tools used to enhance your growing and ensure your peppers stay on the right track, no matter what growth phase they're in.

Read on to learn about 5 tools that every pepper grower needs to ensure not just growth, but a flourishing and bountiful pepper harvest.

1. Seed Trays

The first supply on our list is a good old-fashioned seed tray. Starting peppers from seed indoors is a cost-effective and rewarding way to grow a diverse range of pepper varieties, especially if you live in regions with shorter growing seasons. Seed trays are great for proportioning the right amount of soil for your seeds, separating them usually in grids.

Pepper Joe's offers seed trays as parts of their seed starting kits, which normally include things like heat mats and germination domes. Seed trays and germination domes create a controlled environment for seedlings, offering the warmth and humidity necessary for successful germination. This warmth is partially generated by heat maps placed underneath seed trays to warm root areas over the ambient air temperature. This significantly improves germination and provides seeds with primed soil for proper growth.

plant thermometer for soil temperature

2. Thermometer

Next, we have a thermometer. Thermometers are super important at gauging the temperature of your plant's soil or even the air around it. Keeping the temperature stable for both of these components is vital for optimal growth. And with thermometers, growers can monitor these conditions and make necessary changes at any phase in the growing cycle.

Additionally, if you plan on using hot house kits with heat maps, utilizing a digital temperature controller ensures your soil stays at optimal growing temperatures for your seeds or seedlings. 

3. Grow Light

Grow lights are fantastic additions to your indoor growing setup, providing sufficient light for your indoor pepper seeds and seedlings. With natural sunlight hard to ensure within these interior growing environments, grow lights project an ample amount of direct light to these seedlings to promote faster growth. Most of the time, these lights are kept inches away from the tops of seedlings and work for other types of plants like cuttings and flowers.

The T5 Grow Light System offers plenty of light for your indoor pepper plants. Designed with an internal reflective finish, the feature directs up to 20% more light to the plants for enhanced growth and faster germination. The light system also comes with a built-in timer to create an on/off schedule at the click of a button!

grower tossing pepper plant fertilizer in the soil near the stalk

4. Fertilizers & Insecticides

Next on our list, we have pepper plant fertilizers. Successful pepper plants need healthy, nutrient-rich soil along with other essential nutrients for proper growth, robust foliage, and prolific fruiting. Using pepper plant fertilizers like our Mighty Plant Instant Compost Tea and Organic Growth Soluble Plant Food enriches the plant itself and keeps you on track for receiving high yields come harvest.

Pepper plant insecticides can be another thing used (sparingly) on your plants. While it's important to maintain good pest control practices, using insecticides with too many chemicals may do more harm than good. Instead, use alternatives that rely on organic, plant-healthy compounds, or consider companion planting as another option.

gardener pruning pepper plant with shears

5. Pruning Shears

Lastly, pruning shears are essential for removing unwanted branches, dead leaves, and spent flowers. Pruning is a key practice for pepper growers aiming to maximize yield and promote healthy plant growth. Regular pruning helps improve air circulation around the plants, reduces the risk of diseases, and directs the plant's energy towards producing more peppers.

Invest in a sharp pair of pruning shears and make it a habit to inspect and prune your pepper plants throughout the growing season.

Growing Supplies from Pepper Joe's

Just remember, your pepper growing tools may look drastically different from above. But it's important to equip yourself with the necessary growing supplies so that you can have a successful growing season. Browse through our selection today and find the tools that work for your garden or indoor shed.

We also provide essential growing tips and answers to frequently asked questions with our Grow with Joe blog series. Explore helpful blog topics and stay up-to-date on our latest articles.

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