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We start 'em, you finish 'em. Live pepper seedlings, shipped straight to your door. Limited supply available from our germination testing, grab 'em while you can! Grow indoors or move somewhere warm.

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September 2022 Update: After our germination testing we have a super limited supply of healthy pepper seedlings ready to ship. Whether you're lucky enough to live in a warmer state where peppers grow year-round, or you have a sweet indoor grow setup – these seedlings are ready to find a spot in your home and continue growing!

Buying live pepper plants from Pepper Joe's is a great way to skip the seeds and get right to the fun of planting and caring for healthy established pepper plants. Each pepper plant variety has been hand-picked by our team of pepper-growing fanatics. Whether it be for heat, flavor, appearance, or all the above –   this huge selection of chili pepper plants for sale were all hand-grown in our Greenhouse and ready for quick and safe delivery to a pepper lover like you!