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Mighty Plant Instant Compost Tea - 5 oz.

Mighty Plant Instant Compost Tea - 5 oz.

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Instant Compost Tea™ from Mighty Plant is the first of its kind that requires no brewing. This organic water-soluble powder contains essential nutrients and beneficial microbes that activate once dissolved in the solution and enhance soil fertility. Made with yeast, kelp, and amino acids, along with other healthy bacteria, Instant Compost Tea™ works to increase overall plant mass, optimize tolerance to abiotic stress, increase brix and enhance nutrition-driven yields.

The microbe density in the tea cannot be achieved with brewed plant teas and is far more potent and sanitary than traditional methods. This revolutionary plant tea from Mighty Plant can be used on both indoor and outdoor plants, trees, flower beds, hydroponics, vegetable gardens, propagation, crop fields, and even on sports turf. Instant Compost Tea™ also works as a foliar spray for your pepper plants.
Mix the Instant Compost Tea™ powder into 1 gallon of unchlorinated water until fully dissolved. Your measurement of powder will depend on what you use the compost tea on. For example, indoor plants require 1 teaspoon (tsp.) per gallon of water while outdoor plants require 2 tsp. per gallon.

Apply the compost tea to the root zone of the plant, drenching the soil all around the basin. For foliar spray, apply the solution directly to the plant's leaves and foliage.

Undiluted product (powder) has a shelf life of 3 years in a cool, dry place. Once activated with water, the solution must be used within 24 hours.

Instant Compost Tea Mix Rate, Application, and Frequency Table


Mix Rate



Indoor Plants

1 tsp/gal.

Root zone.

Once a week

Outdoor Plants

2 tsp/gal.

Root zone.

Once every 2-3 weeks

Foliar Spray

2 tsp/gal.

Leaves & plant foliage.

Once every 2-3 weeks


2 tsp/gal.

Drench propagation cubes.

Before seeding

Transplanting Seedlings

2 tsp/gal.

1 pint per planting hole.

During transplanting

Fruit Trees

2 tsp/gal.

Apply to base of tree; start 1st/2nd applications 45-60 days before bloom; start post-bloom applications every 30-45 days.

Pre-Bloom: twice, two weeks apart.

Post-Bloom: every 30-45 days

Flower Beds & Vegetable Gardens

2 tsp/gal.

Spray foliage.

Once a week


1 tbsp/10 gal.

Fill the hydroponic reservoir.

Use throughout grow and bloom stages.

Media Blend

2 tbsp/2 cu. ft. of soil

0.5 lb/cu. yd. of soil

 Into the soil.

As necessary

Sports Turf

2 tbsp/1,000 sq. ft.

Spread across turf for sufficient growth.

1st: Reapply after 1 week

2nd: Reapply thereafter every 15-30 days.

Field Grown

1 cup/100 gal.

Root drench at transplanting; 8-16 oz. per planting hole.

As necessary

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Mighty Plant Instant Compost Tea - 5 oz