Keaton Tortures Himself and Eats an ENTIRE 7 Pot Cajun Craze (1,320,000 SHUs!)

Keaton from Pepper Joe's eats a whole 7 Pot Cajun Craze pepper, a superhot that measures 1,320,000 SHUs on the Scoville scale! Are you daring enough to try and eat this pepper?

About the 7 Pot Cajun Craze Pepper

The 7 Pot Cajun Craze is a mean hot pepper that will knock your pants off with its heat and flavors! Just like the other 7 Pot peppers, this pepper packs volcanic heat and is not one to be messed around with. Seriously, this superhot has more heat than most peppers and is almost as hot as the Carolina Reaper! 

These peppers ripen to a reddish-caramel color and have a sweet and almost black peppery taste to them. This is an exclusive pepper to Pepper Joe's, so try it out for yourself!

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