Mike Eats a Datil Pepper (100,000-300,000 SHUs)!

Mike is BACK in the greenhouse for this week's Pepper Talk episode, where he takes a bite out of the sweet-tasting, throat-croaking Datil pepper (100,000-300,000 SHUs).

About the Datil

Pronounced "dah-TEEL" or "DAH-til" depending on your persuasion, this yellow pepper originated from St. Augustine, Florida in the 1820s and has since been a regional treasure for its impressive sweet flavors. If you can handle Habanero-like heat, then this is sure not to disappoint!

You'll see the Datil pepper plants produce great yields of these 3" fruits that ripen to their signature yellow color when they're ready to be picked. These hot pepper plants work for growing in containers or straight in your garden! Once you see peppers ready for harvest, use them in fresh foods or dry them into a fantastic-tasting chili powder to spread over your home cooking. There's no wrong way to use these delicious Datil peppers!

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