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Super Hot Seeds

7 Pot Cajun Craze Pepper Seeds

7 Pot Cajun Craze Pepper Seeds

Origin: USA Species: Chinense SHU: 1320000
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The 7 Pot Cajun Craze is a Pepper Joe's exclusive! Coming in at a scorching 1,320,000 SHUs, this Cajun menace is sure to knock your socks off with flavor and heat.

These reddish-caramel colored pods were found in a sea of 7-Pot Brown plants. After several seasons of growing these peppers out, the Cajun Craze is finally stable and ready to be released!

The Cajun Craze has a sweet, yet black peppery taste making it the perfect pepper for adding heat to almost any dish. Add the 7 Pot Cajun Craze to gumbo or chili! The perfect pepper for grinding up and turning into powder!

Species: Capsicum Chinense 

Heat Level: 1.32 Million Scoville Heat Units

Type: Super Hot

Flavor: Sweet, Peppery

Origin: USA

Days to Harvest: 120 Days

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great pepper, and even cooler plant!

The peppers are everything I, but good for a pot of gumbo. The plants were VERY cool too. The main stem wasn't round, but was flat. It looked like a flat cable of some sort. If you google that, you'll know what I mean. It took a while to get them to sprout, then I had to try again after we had aphids come and dine on the seedlings. Definitely a fun pepper to grow and eat!

Lizzie Klein
Great Pepper

Bought my peppers last week and got them 3 days ahead of the expected date. The seeds look great and i can’t wait for them to start sprouting. Approved!

Bryan Craven
Bulk Order

I ordered These along with 8 other varieties, All came in good order . Nice seed packaging, good looking healthy seeds and extra varieties were sent as well. Very Pleased with My Pepper Joe's shopping experience and will do business with this Iowa based Company in the future . Very happy . Ready to Chase the Heat for real now. Thanks Pepper Joe and all Your staff and growers.

Louisiana Approved

Just ate my first Cajun Craze pepper. Upfront heat. Very similar to cayenne, with a lot more punch. Roasted it and put it in a tomatillo salsa. FANTASTIC. Will be growing these for years to come. Can't wait to try it in a Louisiana style hot sauce.

Great Pepper!

The Cajun craze in my garden has been prolific and resilient. The pods seem very stable. The heat is abrupt upfront and piercing, what a great pepper! The taste behind the heat is definitely a black pepper-esque flavor. It is not a stout peppercorn flavor, definitely more of a creole black pepper vibe. I am thinking of making powder out of a few and mixing it with a cajun blackening seasoning.

Another Winner from Pepper Joes!