7 Pot Cajun Craze Pepper Seeds


The 7 Pot Cajun Craze is a Pepper Joe's exclusive! 

Coming in at a scorching 1.32 million Scoville heat units, this Cajun menace is sure to knock your socks off with flavor and heat. The Cajun Craze has a sweet, yet black peppery taste making it the perfect pepper for adding heat to almost any dish. These reddish-caramel colored pods were found in a sea of 7-Pot Brown plants. After several seasons of growing these peppers out, the Cajun Craze is finally stable and ready to be released!

Add the 7 Pot Cajun Craze to gumbo or chili! The perfect pepper for grinding up and turning into powder!

Capsicum Chinense (120 days until harvest)

Heat Level: 1.32 Million Scoville Heat Units

10+ Seeds Per Pack

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